Walt and Me
Do or Die
         Little Bobby is thinking:                           Almost to Hollywood. This
new highway is smooth . So high I can almost see the ocean and up the valley on
the other side. I better enjoy it now. Maybe no more. Walt made it sound easy-
just drive an eighteen wheeler into Disneyland to break the blockade of some
bat-swinging bullies trying to extort money from Walt to let him open Disneyland.
I drove over a hundred eighteen wheelers into the Los Angeles Produce
Exchange to break these same thieves' blockade there. Good that I have a
surprise now- The Safeway Stores owner had a new Kenworth truck set up with
a compressor and blower that would be so loud and screaming that those bullies
would run. I hope. My life and My Disneyland friends and keeping Walt and Roy
from going bankrupt depends on the plan working.
There is the off ramp for Disneyland and the
Safeway store to get the truck. Real nice truck. I wish my father was not stuck
on Peterbilt eighteen wheelers. This drives smooth and has a great horn. Better
not use it. Would warn the bullies with bats. Sure would be nice to honk the horn
at my Disneyland friends that are lined up in the cars and trucks waiting for me
to clear out the blockade.
117 vehicles lined up already and more coming with their lights off so not to
warn the bullies with bats. Bats does not sound good to me. Those things must
be hard on the head. They are raised to waist level now as I drive in close to the
service entrance. Expected. I stop, as planned. I get out and take a box out of the
back of the truck and walk to a Disneyland employee who had climbed over a
fence to get in to walk out and receive the box from me. Bullies with bats close a
little towards us. My legs feel like mush, but I walk back to the truck. get in and
start reving up the motor. higher and higher. now so high some of the bullies
with bats are shaking. REV IT ALL THE WAY. ScREAMING. Fear is in all their
eyes. They ALL wet their pants and start running The devil in their hearts tell
them to run.
The little saint in me tells me to be happy and drive the truck in so the other man
take it in for opening day supplies. My father starts waving in the employees. I
wave them in, a smile from ear to ear for my Disney friends. They honk as they
pass me and wave. Some body starts turning on Disneyland's lights. Party time!
Los Angeles hears the horns and come out to get in their cars to honk and drive
to see the Disneyland lights. I can see from the highway that the streets from the
ocean to the end of the valley are full with cars honking and lights on. So much
light I can see it from Santa Barbara and later home in Santa Maria 4 hours later.
Big party for a million, maybe more. Walt and Roy
can keep up dreaming things that make people happy. My Disney friends still
have their jobs.
I still live!
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