Walt and Me
Street Performers,
Everybody's Friends
Top of job requirements list: "In Disneyland you are everybody's
friend". If the one just hired by father and came outside while I
waiting for Walt or Walt had just left me there- somehow they
became friendly if not before. I would ask them who they are now
and we would start talking their character and I would play another
to help him/her. Lots of Fun and helpful, especially for those that
were too serious. Even on a personally bad day, the customer was
to have a good friend. And the Disneyland street performers had a
friend in me.
My favorites were:




Goofy loved being a comedian. Loved being much different than
her every day normal self. Yes, HER. My father was not one of those
strict sexist Equal Opportunity Employer puppets of the bully
Democrat party politicians. No matter what the sex was, he hired
the person if the job could be done. Walt said he admired my father
for that, saying he was brave for looking for what was good for
everybody, except the women's liberation idiots(his words not
mine). I think of them greedy and selfish.
Whatever about them, Goofy and I had a great time, mostly by
practicing his walk around Disneyland. Big Nut and Little Nut are
what many construction workers called us. I led us out there so
Goofy would get to like the response from others. Same with Minnie
and Daisy.  I got Daisy and Minnie to start talking to each other to
keep recognizing each others' voices after I was gone when my
father finished the hiring.
My sentimental favorite was Snow White. Her walk and speaking
and hand gestures needed a little work, but it was her love life or
should I say lack of love life with her boss in the food concession
where she was to be working part time when Disneyland that I  was
most interested.  The 2 bits of advice I said was to go slow because
this was a job place and maybe she find a slow way to start
something, like sitting next to him in her car when he was to give
her a ride to work on her first scheduled day in the concession
stand, to set it up for the first day.
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