Walt and Me
In My Heart
Very protected was the Mickey Mouse Club - no adults allowed,
except staff. Me, Walt said: "You are ok to go in  because you are a
kid-maybe. A wise old man in disguise maybe". I had taught him a
few things already.
I behaved myself well in there, despite that there were many
temptations to stray away from Walt- the Mousketeers themselves.
They were as curious about me as I was about them especially
Kutie Karen >>

Karen                The Flirt

Lots of smiles and eye contact. But, sigh, no big romance. A little
young to run off to get married- still nice to remember Karen.
Plenty of other girls Annette and Cheryl and Doreen and

Pretty                    Girl

That is what I called her, right to her. And I called Bobby Big
Bobby- friendly and sure took advantage of Walt letting any of the
Mousekateers and me to actual talk to each other. I called Walt Big
Boss and me Little Bobby with Pretty Girl and Big Bobby in front of
I saw them trying to learn a new routine dancing
and thought they were good at learning it. I was better at learning
complex combinations because for than a year at school, every
week, a group of 8 in my class watched 2 minutes of a dance from
a new country(different dancer with new music), then we had 10
minutes to talk about it and practice(no music)- then not even a
word was allowed until show time at the end of the school year. In
class, I was often used as the example for pitch in singing(mostly
religious music(Catholic school)). I thought the pitch pipes of 2
nuns was off but so was the nuns' hearing and nobody said
anything to them, so everybody was happy. Most of the time I
received as homework to learn a song overnight and sing it as
example for the class the next day.
I remember the Mouseketeers singing their end-of-the-show song
one day, with the camera. Right at the end of the song I looked up
at Walt and saw a big smile and a big teardrop run down his left.
A proud papa and his kids.