Walt and Me
The Cartoons , I Mean
Those people(nuts) called cartoonists spent soo much time thinking
and drawing their characters that they talked and walked and ate
and everything else crazy. Donald Duck is funny talking. Goofy has
a great walk. The girls were sweet(this is before Hannah Montana). I
was watching the cartoons walking around the studios before the
characters were drawn!  Great!  I started playing characters with
them, for fun and to help their characters along, in the cartoonists'
minds. Roy, Walt's brother, saw me do this the first time and said to
the others to ask me for my opinions and other help. I helped with
some recommendations, a few actually used in the cartoons.
Nothing major. Little things like style of clothes or buildings or
Some exaggerations to make a joke or point better. Me, I was
adopted into a Portugese family. To other Portugese people that
meant them working on me to learn to joke better and more. Or, to
some, an excuse to pick on me more. Pick on me to make me laugh
This drive to make jokes and my experiences with meeting about
30,000 people from about 15 countries gave me much to work with
the cartoons, I mean the cartoonists.
I really remember two Disney cartoons, I mean characters. One was
a woman that rushed from the kitchen at Walt's home, as we each
were eating a piece of Lillian's delicious cherry cake. Walt looked at
her rush passed us and said: "That is Diane, my oldest daughter.
She is riding her broomstick today". He continue to look as went
into the garage and then said: "I never know if she is from the East
or from the West(witches from The Wizard Of Oz").
The other character was Roy Edward Disney, son of Roy, Walt's
Brother. Rushing, as usual, into the room his father and I were
standing and talking, putting a clipboard of papers in front of his
father. His father signed them. After his son left he said to me: "If
my son does not start to relax at work he will become Grumpy".
Maybe they learned to relax, I hope so. Whatever- the other Disney
characters I "played " with the cartoonists made me a happier and
fuller person. Thank you guys, wherever you are.