Walt and Me
Meeting Big Boss
The day starts with an ordinary trip to Los Angeles, if ordinary
means a kid, me, driving a 18-wheeler loaded with vegetables
picked by homeless people who will get the full sale price.  I guess
not ordinary to you- ordinary to me.  This week I was going to see
Walt Disney, maybe. My Father Frank Dias, wanted to say no in
person to an offer Walt made to him in a letter- the offer was for my
father to haul the food in for Disneyland's food stands. My father
had more important,to him, work to do. My father being a fan of
Walt Disney for years, so we waited in a room until Walt came out
to talk with my father. My father said he could not do the job at this
time. Right then a man came in and said to Walt that the food
service union would not send anybody for only part-time work and
there were not enough hours for them to make a living on. Then he
said the Screen Actors Guild would not send more  street
performers for part-time work and that the street performers did
not have enough hours to live on. The man said that if he talked the
street performers into accepting part-time food service work until
full time was available for all, his union would cause him trouble.
Not a good time to smile? My father made a big smile and said that
he could talk to each street performer into accepting some food
service work. Walt laughed and said "You're hired!"
On the first day of talks with my father and the street performers, I
was sitting there in the waiting room, prepared to wait for hours
until my father was done for the day. Walt saw me and said "Come
with me". I followed- into an adventure of making happiness.