Santa Barara High School- where I never went there as a student but much more, to me. 8 years oldI
planted the seeds for the trees and bushes, except the palm trees- I planted little palm plants from
pots donated to the school. I gave talks to individual classes and raised most of the money for gym.
The gym and the football field and in front of the school's main building was where I was allowed to
kiss the girls!!!!! The girls' basketball team, the Lady Dons, were my favorite. I helped them practice
or whatever- I stopped at their games on the way from taping my half-hour of the Tonight Show to my
home in Santa Maria. There was this one time that I was asked to sing Silent Night at one of the Lady
Dons games. I sang it better than I had ever sung it before- I put happy tears in everybody's eyes,
plus mine when I saw the happy tears of my friends.
The next morning the American Civil Liberties Union said on the phone to my mother that if I ever
again sang a religious song on public property like I did at Santa Barbara High School they would
sue me. Quickly I thought of what I would do. First, I called a friend of mine, Little Jimmy Pickens,
asking permission to make a video of me singing a song of his- May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up
Your Nose, dedicating the song to the American Civil Liberties Union. Knowing why he said yes.
Then I went to KEYT-TV in Santa Barbara to make the video. They sent the video over the phone
lines to hundreds of tv stations with the reason why and then those tv stations sent the video to more
and more tv stations. Radio stations played the audio. More than 6,000 tv stations played the video
and more than 11,000 radio stations played the audio.
Friendship= billions of people. American Civil Liberties Union= zero.