To Be NICE Jorge
About 1969 I received a phone call from a person who identified
himself as Jorge Bergolio, adding Father to Jorge Bergolio. He said
that he was in his first year of priesthood and that he was making
people angry because he ordering them to do things and running
their lives-  he said he did that because he had been raised as an
italian male  who was the boss. He asked me would I teach him to
NICE Jorge? I said yes. Setting a schedule, every tuesday
evening he called me and I taught him about a different kind of
situation, starting with his area of Brasil that he was serving in at the
time. I was able to teach many of the basics from everyday life in
Brasil, but soon started teaching of nearby countries and all around
Earth- this took years. I recognized his immense popularity among
the College of Cardinals because I had taught Jorge much about
their homelands- he had a respect for them that did not have to be
taught by them- to  work immediately. With a smile from
NICE Jorge
Hated By
Loved By