Reagan And Tough Love
Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Wall
When I heard Ronald Reagan say something
about the Berlin Wall keeping East Berliners
from going into West Berlin, I remembered
something from a school book of mine 30
years earlier. To check on it I called Mikhail
Gorbachev, General Secretary of the
Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to ask
him about it. He told me. I had remembered
right. I called Reagan to tell him but he said
he did not have time for me and hung up on
me. Two days Reagan made a similar remark
about the Berlin Wall and was very nasty to
what he called the "communists". Mikhail
Gorbachev called and said that Reagan was
acting like a jackass- Mikhail's choice of
word. I said to him that I would try to talk to
Reagan. I tried but I heard Reagan say to his
secretary that he did not have time to talk
with me. A week later Reagan made his
famous/infamous speech at the Berlin
Wall(picture to left). When I thought it was
evening that same day in Germany, I called
and he said to me: "Sorry but I have been
very busy with this Berlin Wall thing and I do
not even know if it will do any good".
Considering that if I waited until he was back
to his jackass-style of recent speeches he
would ignore me, I gave it to him straight
about the Berlin Wall: "Hey stupid, the Berlin
Wall is in WEST Berlin. You can take it down
any time you want to."
Three days later the Berlin Wall was taken
down. After realizing how he had been acting
he never acted badly towards anyone after
Jackass Reagan had disappeared. Took a
friend to do it.
To Live Or To Die
In early 1952 Ronald Reagan and Nancy moved into an old house
on a small part of a 3 section ranch of the later famous Rancho del
Cielo- that is what the sign said that day. I was there with my
grandpa Frank Silva to help them anyway they needed it, at the
asking of the owner of property who was letting them stay there. I
rode with Ronald much as he was doing things to move- he said he
was trying to get away from the Screen Actors Guild. He sold his
home near Hollywood and his ranch in Malibu Canyon was put up
for sale and he gave away his interest in an orchard business near
Northridge. Him talking out loud about not sure what to do with his
mother's rocking chair got me to thinking about what he REALLY
trying to do. Abandoning nearly all his clothes was a sign. Treating
some of his best friends rudely was a sign. Finally Nancy was
concerned- she said to me that she was scared about Ronald and
herself! She said to me: "I do not want to go!". She had fear in her
eyes at that moment. I had noticed that she had been shying away
from him very much. I thought of a plan. It started with the
storekeeper at the Solvang Market who had been a preacher. He
understood the situation as I explained it to him and would speak
with Ronald but Ronald had to want to. Not easy because Ronald
did not want to see anybody new and barely tolerated myself and
Nancy. While driving near the Solvang Market I faked a leg cramp
and said that I needed to walk the cramp out and could he pull into
the parking lot,please! Knowing Ronald, he got out to stretch
legs(only thing about his health he cared about any more). I pointed
to the front of the market and said "Go talk to the man in there". As I
said that I walked behind him and gave him the hardest kick in the
butt this 5 year old kid could. He rubbed his butt and said "All right.
All right".
More than a hour later he came out looking and sounding like a new
man- he wanted to live! Nancy gave him a great big hug and
whispered to me: "What happened?". I said "I gave him a GOOD
kick". From a friend.