Dams I Have Worked On
A dream of many Egyptians was to stop the flooding of the Nile which ruined several crops
a year, every time the Nile flooded-which could not be predicted. Feast or famine, nothing
between. The low dam merely filled to the top within minutes and the flooding started
downstream. When Nasser and Sadat asked me to study the situation I did. Sending out 2
or 3 teams of 3 Egyptians for 6 months gave me the information I needed to write the
master plan, which they followed. Most I did after that was finding some American cowboys
to drive wild animals out of the thickly wooded spots where the Egyptians could not drive
their World War Two jeeps to move millions of wild animals to good grazing areas out of
the lake area that would be formed by the high dam. Now there is no more flooding of the
Nile and some hydroelectric power because of the Aswan High Dam.
Aswan High Dam
The Three Gorges Project is actually 5 dams that I put on the 1,453 single-spaced pages,not
including maps, master plan, on my mother's old Remington typewriter that took me 3 weeks to
type, 10-12 hours a day- after 18 months of sending out 3 teams for information, sometimes with
speciality experts. The master plan included 2 temporary coal-fired power plants to run 3
manufacturing plants to make parts and stuff for the dams. The manufacturing plants are now
making normal products for China. One of those power plants has been taken down as planned,
the other soon. More than 1 million people were moved to new houses. Now there is no more
flooding that was drowning 10,000s or more every year by the flooding. Maybe more save
because the flooding caused crops to be ruined, so people starved. The hydro electric power
produced by these 5 dams is paying back the cost of the project. The Portuguese people loaning
the money had that figured into their plans. George David Woods caused the World Bank Group
to lose any consideration to be the loaner by saying to me that if the World Bank Group did not
get the business I would be killed. Stupid people- I was not involved directly with the finances of
the project. I did talk many of the more important members of China's legislature into approving
the laws, no matter who got the business. $39 billion for five big hydroelectric dams- would be
nice if the United States could do that!