Museums , Etc , I Have Worked On - 1
No Charge
Santa Barbara Museum Of Natural
The previous owner of the property
thought of my stories of animals and
plants in the hills and mountains in
California that she left the property to the
Catholic Church, Diocese of Los Angeles,
naming me to convert the property to a
natural history museum. The name
came,at my request, from a friend of mine
who had the name on a sign in front of her
house for years as a remembrance of her
I set up the present organization and hired
the beginning staff and gave operation
money,from donations I raised, for about
10 years(I thought,what happened I do not
The interior work of mine here is what the
County of Los Angeles copied in redoing
their Los Angeles County Natural History
Museum in 2010-2011.
Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens
Bishop McIntyre , head of the Los
Angeles Diocese of the Roman
Catholic Church, asked me, and I
did, turn this time-ravaged old
garden into something beautiful.
When I was finished two lawyers
working for the State of California
silently formed an organization to
run it,silently so that troublemakers
like the Sierra Club and the Audubon
Society and the Nature Conservancy
would not interfere(those groups get
donations based on the premise that
the environment is in bad shape, so
they try to stop positive progress).
As with other such projects I raised
enough money to last them many
years, hiring the first few employees.
Santa Barbara Museum Of Art
Not easy to turn the old post office
building into anything else- everything
was giant size and super strong. Made
for security, special sizes meant special
costs-high. I found a catalogue with the
entire glass section on the north end.
Hard to put in but worth it. Pretty easy
for the rest once I found it. I sat in and
had much say in the choosing of the
first stock of art, a big experience that I
used later for many museum projects.
As in the past I raised a healthy
operation bank account for this
Santa Barbara Zoo
The Santa Barbara Zoo was open only
one day a week for one exhibit- Cappy,
who liked to put his hand on peoples
head. When I was done I had replaced
every structure on the property and put
them down to kid size(before I was 14
years old I had hugged 600,000 kids on
Bobby-Hugging Days in the schools!)! I
got an outstanding variety of great
animals for the people to visit. Big price
tag- no charge from me but,like the roof
tiles of the main building cost over $1
million and that was 53 years ago!
I put up tall trees on the outside for birds
to roost- 50 years before the so-called
condor exhibit there now.