LIE and Cheat
 Mrs President
          A time of my life started with calls from old friends of mine in
Benghazi- complaining about the US Secretary of State, Hillary
Clinton going around town openly drinking alcoholic beverages, a big
insult in their community. For two days I received many calls from
Benghazi about Hillary Clinton being very drunk. And I heard talk of a
planned protest at the US government buildings, which I thought good
but did not say so. That thought of mine quickly disappeared when a
person called me saying that those US government buildings would be
attacked in 24 hours, the caller saying that his calling me was to give
the people a chance to get out, him not really not wanting to kill
anybody by himself or the others.
         I started calling people at the US State Department and the US
Army and more. Plans were made to fly in and pull those people out-
but! Obama relied on advice from Hillary Clinton- she was dead drunk
for more than the 24 hours, so the attack happened as she
comfortably lay drunk.
         About two weeks later I received a check from The Clinton
Foundation for $25,000- an obvious bribe attempt to keep my mouth
shut. I mailed the check to the office of the US Attorney General. And
I made a few phone calls to tell some people about what Hillary
Clinton had and had not done in Benghazi.
          Before the 2016 presidential election I received a call from a
son of my number one man in Ukraine of my Help Is Coming
organization, the one that spent $897 trillion dollars fixing damage in
Europe caused by World War II. The man said that he had overheard
Bill Clinton and Maria Butina, in the office of the then-president of
Ukraine, talking about Maria Butina using social media to lie about
Donald Trump in a manner so that Hillary Clinton would be elected
president, Maria Butina to be paid this service. Maria did lie much
about Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton lost the election