John F Kennedy Cuba Speech
Notice that Kennedy is reading a prepared speech(who wrote it?), not live creation. Notice that Kennedy speaks
from a position of "we" not himself alone, Kennedy repeating what was, he now knew, to be very false US
intelligence reports. I said to notice those points because prior to this speech John F. Kennedy had known, by
his own statements, that: 1. The parts being assembled were farm tractor parts not airplane parts 2.  Those
missile facilities were not going to be used for  missiles. 3. That the blockade was not going to be used to keep
anything from going to Cube, only to block Cuban citizens from going to the United States, same as now in 2012.  
4. That there were never any missiles in Cuba or ever would be, to his knowledge and hope 5. He had promised to
pay for the fuel the USSR had used in bringing the missile(one was a shell for street shows) to the Caribbean and
returned without stopping. 6. That he had admitted to me that this speech was one big lie to prepare for his
re-election campaign for his personal financial gain. Americans and the world was stuck with the lie while he
never had a chance to run for reelection. A waste for everybody because this speech turned most people in the
Western Hemisphere and around the World against John F Kennedy and the United States of America.