John McCain
NOT A Prisoner Of War
John McCain Was Held  And Convicted Of Murder
                John Mccain
A Danger To Fellow Pilots And More
1. In Saigon,while I was being given a ride by the US Military
Police to the airport, John Mccain was picked at a local bar to
given a ride to his living quarters. As we rode he continually
talked to himself, mostly about trying to get stationed on an
aircraft carrier so that he could "kill some gooks"(his exact
words). He complained that because nobody wanted him he
was being ridiculed unfairly by fellow officers(he said "fellow"
but nobody considered John Mccain "fellow". Even his parents
eventually disowned him, his mother saying that he was a son
of a bitch and his father saying that he was a liar and a coward).
Whatever they said is really unimportant to what I write here-
the point is that John Mccain showed that day in Saigon that he
premeditated the murder of 11 citizens of the Democratic
Republic Of Vietnam(north) who were signers of a peace treaty
with the United States Of America. The charge of Malice was
added because of his racist use of the word "gooks".

2.  On the USS Orinskany, the Commanding Officier ordered me
to read a paper and then watch what John Mccain did with it
when he ordered Mccain to read it- John Mccain did not read it
and threw it in a trash can without looking at it. I made a signed
statement to the direct disobeying a direct order by the
commanding officer- John Mccain was later formally charged
with that crime by the US Navy. Me, I was on a hill over-looking
the flight path of the 5 F-series planes-when John Mccain turned
tail and ran I used my radio to move the outside-left plane into
Coward Mccain's slot for that attack. The raid the next day was
altered a bit to hit some of the spots because of Mccain's
cowardice. The US Navy did very well without John Mccain.

3. After acting like a spoiled brat by throwing a tantrum so that
he could be assigned to a raid on a Vietcong encampment(not a
thermal plant)  I explained to him what his targets were- him
muttering that his assignment was dangerous and his face
getting very pale. What his words were and his skin turning pale
was used as signs of why he ran from his assignment, thus
showing Cowardice In The Face Of The Enemy- I signed and
another pilot signed to what he said and his face turning pale.

4. On the day of his assignment I did see and 4 other US Navy
pilots did see John Mccain turn his plane away from his
assigned targets- I and the 4 pilots did sign statements saying
that John Mccain disobeyed a direct order and showed
Cowardice In The Face Of The Enemy.

5. While the 4 pilots continued to obey the orders given them, John
Mccain   flew to a Hanoi communal farm, the clearing had been done
by a US Navy Seabee using an United States of America bulldozer,
the trees and rocks being removed by United States Of America
helicopters. John Mccain did then slaughter 11 elderly citizens of the
City of Hanoi and the Democratic Republic Of Vietnam. who were
planting seeds given to them by the United States Of America. John
Mccain was shot down by two anti-aircraft guns installed by the
Army of the United States Of America two days before- if smart-ass
John Mccain had read that paper he was ordered to read he would
have known that those guns were there. John Mccain was later
charged with premeditated,with Malice,murder of those 11 elderly
farmers by the US Navy. The City of Hanoi put John Mccain on trial
for the premeditated murder,with malice, of 9 of those 11, two were
not citizens of Hanoi. About the trial: the judge and the defending
attorney and the prosecuting attorney and the 6 jurors,plus 1
alternate, and the court clerk were all holders of law degrees of
either Harvard School of Law or Cambridge School of Law.  John
Mccain, according to his father, was so lazy that he bribed for his
high school diploma and there were no completed classes in college.
John Mccain used the word "ninnies" to describe the court people of
his trial to put the attention in a name calling  frame of mind.

6. Before the trial, on the day of his being shot down, the JAG of the
US Navy called me and asked me to go get John Mcain so that he
could be shot by a US firing squad- President Johnson asked me to
do the same for the same reason. I went to the Hanoi City Jail(big
letters,in english, on a sign on the building, "Hanoi Hilton" had been
destroyed weeks earlier at my suggestion. General Tho took me in
where I observed John Mccain call out many terrible names at his
jailers, including "gooks" and "squinty eyes" and "damn bastards"
and "son of a bitches". Considering that John Mccain would return
to the US with the same attitude while it was he that was the coward
and liar and racist and murderer and considering that General tho
was a good,and non-violent, teacher of respect I said said to Tho:
"You can keep the mad dog". Letting Mccain loose would cause
trouble because Mccain would never admit to what he had done-  he
had to always blame somebody else(poor baby even had to throw  a
tantrum for his one and only war assignment). Me- I turned to
General Tho and said: "Do you have a human being I can take back
with me?" Tho responded: "Yes! An angel". Walking down a hallway
to some cells Tho said to me "TWO angels!" I walked out the Hanoi
City Jail without Mad Dog Mccain, BUT with TWO shot-down
American pilots! These two pilots appreciated their freedom. They
admitted they were in the moral wrong eventually-they said they
should have obeyed their superiors on who to attack not go with the
bigoted and biased haters like John Mccain who keep themselves
ignorant so they can keep hating. To this day as a US Congressman
John Mccain is best at by causing trouble between people