When I went to Elvis' Beverly Hills house we talked a bit about what plants for his
house. He went inside, I did my work, no charge like for the millions of trees and
other plants I put in wherever. When I was done I went inside and found him
watching some video of me kissing some girls in a stadium. Elvis said to me: "I am
jealous. You are what I pretend to be". I said back: "You may have to pretend but
what you choose to teach people in your singing will always be part of you"- me
putting my hand over my heart. I continued with: "You are in a great position to
choose whatever you want to sing. You can teach people without them knowing they
are being taught. Country. Gospel. Whatever." That last one was something that
caught him for the rest of his life- gospel. Caught me too because  until he died he
asked for  my advice if each and every song he recorded was within the Gospel.
Hundreds and hundreds of songs. Day or night he called me asking about that part
of each and every song.
Before even thinking about singing he told me of one fear he had- the people in the
audience. That was what caused cramps in his one leg that people had thought was
a move that part of his onstage performance-  gyrations people said. I fixed that- I
met him one saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I told him to stand by
the tunnel at the stadium, where I made my entrance about 30 minutes before the
start of the game. When "Bobby is in the house" was announced and I walked out
101,000 thousand people started yelling and cheering AND timing their jumping up
and down. The sound was deafening and the stadium was actually bouncing on
each landing of the 101,000. I looked over and saw Elvis trying to hold on to the
concrete side of the tunnel- with terror in his eyes. Perfect. I started to wave to the
crowd- louder sounds, more terror in the eyes of Elvis. I waved my hand almost
right in front of his face to get his attention. I walked out more, waving as I walked-
sounds got louder and the stadium bounced higher. I peeked at Elvis- he had a look
of wonder in his face and a grin that he would use with many millions after that day.
I caught his eyes and we grinned at each other. He then knew that these people
were my friends, not to be feared. He never feared anybody after that.
He was ready to start singing again.