To understand how I was able to be around the rich and famous I quote what George
Harrison of the Beatles said about me: "He was, in his time, more loved than Bing
Crosby, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Michael Jackson all put together". Why and
how: I traveled around California kissing girls. Real kisses not the pretense of their
music. Elvis said to me: "I am jealous of you. You are what I pretend to be". I kissed
many girls at football games in the bigger stadiums, where ABC Television had a
cameraman follow me around during the game during Saturday college games. This
setting had relatives watching the kissing of their daughters and brothers- not in the
back seat of a car. When a girl really got a great kiss and fell into my arms the people
around us stood up and cheered- starting there and going all around the stadium.
Awesome. More awesome was 20-30 minutes before the game started I walked out
onto the field- the people started yelling and cheering and jumping up and down- as
one, all up and all down. No minor rocking of the house- bouncing the whole house.
Whole cities knew when "Bobby is in the house" was announced at a game. About
640 organizations voted me their Entertainer Of The Year- some for 3 or 4 years
straight- 'Teen, 16, Seventeen, Ladies Home Journal, Time, Newsweek, Life, Look,
Playboy(I could not legally buy it!) and many more.. I was on a front page or cover of
over 3000 publications.
So, there was this day that I went to Bing Crosby's house in Palm Springs, California
to help him choose the material to be used for the chairs of the restaurant he was
going to open. When Bing was leading me to the room where the cloth samples were
he stopped at one room and said into the room: "Hey Elvis. Bobby is here. Bobby
Dias. The Kisser". Elvis barely raised his hand and said hi. As we continued to walk
Bing said low to me: "He is lost. Does not know what to do". Later, as I was leaving,
Bing said to Elvis that I was real good with plants and his(Elvis) two new houses had
none. I planted some seeds at Elvis' Palm Springs house that day and we set the date
for his Beverly Hills house.