Henry Kissenger
1. Henry Kissenger phones me and says only these words: I will see you dead.
2. Within 2 or 3 minutes of Kissenger saying those words Richard Nixon calls me and says he is calling me to
warn me that he had finally told Kissenger that he, Kissenger, had been a pawn in the peace talks that ended
the Vietnam War with me handling both the north and the south Vietnamese sides and the outside influences,
including the French and neighboring countries and the United States(Nixon). Nixon said to me that he did it to
Kissenger because Kissenger had said about his role in the Vietnam talks: Nobody tricks the trickster,me.
Then Nixon says to me that because he was out of government  the truth
had to be shoved into Kissenger's "fat head"- Nixon's term.
3. After Nixon hung up I immediately called President Ford and told him what Kissenger
had said to me and what Nixon had said to me.
4. The next afternoon, eastern time, President Ford calls me and says that he is going to turn the speaker phone
on for me to hear something and not speak. Somebody comes into the room. I hear Kissenger say: What's up
boss. Ford says: The United States of America no longer needs your services. Get out of my office.
Organized Crime- Nature Conservancy
In order to stop my successful string of stopping
them in court(61  so far) from extorting money from
our schools, the Nature Conservancy has tried to
shoot me on 43 different occasions, hitting me 6
times, every shot from behind like the cowards
they are, and before I reached the age of 12 years.
Steal from schools and kill a kid is their true goal!
Over the years the Audubon Society has tried to stop me from doing anything
to help birds or any other wildlife so they can have a better chance of getting
donations to put in their pockets- the appearance of a bad situation is what
they try to do and they threatened to kill me often when I made a wildlife
refuge. One Audubon organizer was in prison for molesting a minor, me when
I was 10, by threatening my life. Two Audubon Society officers were in prison
for assault with a deadly weapon by pointing a gun when trying to stop me
from starting to dig the inland portion of the California Water Project, which
now includes at least 12 wildlife refugees made by me that I put in the original
plans for the State Water Project, me being the one who negotiated for the
properties along the waterways. Bad boys and a fraud on nature lovers.
To extort money from me and the County of San Luis Obispo, California, for
planting tree seeds for two friends of mine on their property, the Sierra Club
demanded money and later sued us in court, them losing easily. A female at
their table later threatened to kill me, 11 years old, if I planted anymore
seeds- she spent years in prison for that. Two leaders of the Sierra Club
spent years in prison for pointing rifles at me, 12 years old. Parasites and a
danger to society by threat of violence.
World Bank Group
When The World Bank Group heard that I had written
the Master Plan for the multi-billion dollar Three
Gorges Project in China they called me and said: "If
the World Bank Group is not the lender in the Three
Gorges Project we will kill you". China immediately
cut off all ties with the World Bank Group. I had found
a way to stop that river of killing millions of their
people in the future and I had found a way to stop
local warfare with the badge program- both priceless
to them. Same as I had charged them- priceless.
Al Gore
In Vietnam, while he was being paid to fight
for the USA, Al Gore did catch gonorrhea
two times, taking him out his office role by
being restricted to his living area for the
safety of others. While showing his
preference to the local prostitutes, Al Gore
also did show that he was dangerous to
females(and males if he does have sex
with them) by the possibility of someone
being given a disease dangerous to their
lives. Beware of his smile.
Barack Obama
Wannabe God

Barack Obama,Senior, comes home to find all of his slaves to have been whipped by son Barack,
now President of the United States Of America- two slaves whipped to death, all whipped while
chained and defenseless. The survivors tell Senior that they survived by saying what Barack
Obama,Junior, had wanted to say: that each considered Junior as their one and only god. One of
the dead slaves was deaf so he could not hear or speak of what Junior wanted- the other dead
slave did not understand Junior's language.  God or the Devil himself?
Only An Old Bag!
1967- In my US Navy uniform in Hawaii, I walk toward a very small grocery store, when I
see a young boy walk into the store and reach under the counter and come out with a wad
of US currency. As walks out, with a big smile on his face with the money right in front of
his face,  a very heavy woman comes out with a baseball bat in
her hand. As she starts the bat down toward the boy's head I pick him up by his shirt collar, turning him around as I say:
"Come here little thief". A policeman comes. A woman who says to the policeman that her name is Stanley Ann Dunham
and that she is no relation to the boy who she says his name is Barack Obama, Junior and that he is not from the United
States. The police officer asks her what is the age of Barack Obama- she says 10 years. Looking over his right shoulder I
see him write 1957 in the year of birth place on the crime report form. Looking over his left shoulder, Stanley Ann Dunham
says "correct" to him writing 1957.
Walking to Dunham's car Barack Obama says to her: "I stole from only an old bag".
Junior Learns Good From Father
When Barack Obama Junior was about 8 years old I received a call from a person from the United Nations saying that a
Barack Obama Senior wanted to speak with me- the UN person gave me the Kenya phone number. When I called a young
boy answered- a man says "Junior, so you can learn I will put this on speaker phone. Senior goes on to talk "as if" I need to
know that it is society's responsibility to feed everybody , including his slaves> close to Barack Obama Junior later talking
about everybody deserved health insurance. Senior goes on to say that if I gave him money he would add on to that much
more for the purpose for saying to who would give me money to replenish what I actually put out- a scam, a fraud- a bribe to
him for me to make money! So, Barack Obama was bribed by the business that is running Obamacare. The business is
making much more money than what they gave Barack Obama Junior through campaign donations that is going to Junior's
personal accounts because he did not accept federal funds. Like Senior Thief, so is Junior Thief!
Actually Rather Stupid
Hey- how much does Barack Obama Junior want to learn considering that his boyhood hero was Adolf Hitler? Destroying is a stupid
man's way of getting attention. Formal education for Junior started when Senior put him in a cage,following the slave-whipping event,
and shipped him to a private muslim school in Indonesia(President of Indonesia Suharto said to me that school was: "University of
dummies" as I saw Junior walk out the door). Five years of the same bad information in the isolated school kept Junior pretty ignorant of
the real world. The person who expelled Junior for low grades midway through his first year at Occidental College said to me that Junior
did not have any concept of basic American life. That continued when he failed to complete the entrance test at Columbia University-
Senior fixed that by bribing Junior's degree there. When Junior failed the test to practice law in the State of Illinois Senior bribed for that
also. Years later when Senior pleaded to Junior to publicly admit the bribing of his Columbia University degree and his license to practice
law in the State of Illinois Junior said to Senior: "Fuck you old man".
I have to admit that Junior was very wise when he adverted prison time by signing an agreement with the State Of Illinois about
his selling of his senate seat.
In 1967, on the flight deck of the USS Oriskany,CV-34, I saw John Kerry being
loaded on a Military Police helicopter, his wrists and ankles in iron shackles. I
continued with an officer that took me to a place in the Mekong Delta where there
5 bodies, the officer saying to me that John Kerry, on his first day of duty in
Vietnam, had shot these people and for me to study the scene to make a written
and sworn report. I noticed that the five were the same five that I had seen
fishing the day at this spot the day before and the day before that day from the
helicopter President Johnson had assigned to me. The dead were definitely not
Vietcong, who would not engage in what that consider such menial work;also, I
had never seen them in any of the Vietcong camps- John Kerry had killed
citizens of the Republic of Vietnam-  allies of the United States. Arriving back at
the Oriskany, I was introduced to two US Navy sailors who had been on the
swiftboat with John Kerry-both saying that they heard John Kerry say: "I am
going to kill some gooks" and both saying that they saw John Kerry kill those five
people and both said that he did not have any cause to kill them. I made my
sworn report-later that afternoon President Johnson thanked me. And,later that
afternoon, John Kerry called and asked me to help him get out of the trouble he
was in- I replied: "I do not help murderers". Years later I noticed he had a big time
gap in his life- until he used a video of honorable United States soldiers fighting
in Vietnam to insert a picture of himself to fake that he was some kind of hero.
John Kerry knows that he is a hero to racists and murderers and liars.